A wispered wish on the road to reality

Chateau Villandry2When I closed my eyes and whispered that I would love to visit Chateau Villandry in France, I had no idea that I was setting things in motion…….

It is really awesome how things happen for a reason and how they come about…..I’ll start a bit at the beginning so that you will understand.

My washer was on it’s death bed.  It was hardly washing and not spinning, I had to wring out the  clothes by hand, so I decided to look through the cable announcements to see if anyone was selling a washer.  There was a lady selling one for 85$.  So far so good, I thought to myself.  She had no telephone and no internet at her home address and she was out of town when I emailed her.  It took 2 weeks to finally meet and look at the washer.

So the day came and I went to meet her, she opened the door and greeted me and we introduced ourselves.  She had bit of a thick accent and at the start I didn’t know if she spoke English or not.  I speak English,being born in Ontario Canada and I am fluent in French since I live in the province of Quebec.  She assured me she spoke no English and her accent was because she came from France.

France?  Chateau Villandry…..my whispered wish!  The thought raced through my mind so quickly and then it was gone.  I had noticed that the thought passed, but I paid no attention and just continued with the washer in mind.   While  my husband was busy loading the washer and dryer (yes he decided to buy me the dryer too, since it was a set), Jessica and I started to talk.

We hit it off instantly, you know when you meet someone and it feels like you were destined to meet them?  Well that’s what happened.  We talked back and forth and I learned that she was from France and that she was in the process of moving back to France.  I mentioned to her about Chateau Villandry, how I discovered it on the internet and how I fell in love with the Chateau and their gardens.  She interrupted me and she looked me square in the eyes and said that there is a reason that we met and  right away she told me that I would visit France and that she was extending an invitation to stay at her house.

I stared at her for a few seconds trying to decide if I was hearing correctly.  The last few days were zooming through my mind…..I though of the website that I looked at, I thought of my wish I asked, and I thought of my sister-in-law that did a tarot spread for me that said I was going  to go on a trip that was far away and would be a dream trip…we just couldn’t figure out why the tarot spread was talking about a trip, so we just put it out of our minds, and what will be will be that’s all.

So anyways, Jess will be moving back to the Loire region where all the chateau are located and she is going to organize it so that I can visit all the chateau I think she mentioned there were six of them.
I proceeded to tell my husband about this invitation and I was speaking so fast that he was looking at me as if to say yeah yeah in your dreams, France is not next door.  But before we left, she shook my husbands hand and  told him that her invitation was serious and that she would be waiting for us in France.  I noticed that his body language froze and then he quickly walked away.  Oh oh I thought, she just scared him off, I’m gonna have a harder time to convince him that France is a worthwhile goal to work towards.

Then she hugged me hard and told me to hold on to my dream and work towards it and she would be in France to greet me.  On our way home, I spoke of the website and my wish and the tarot spread and I noticed that my husband was unusually quiet.  I kept waiting for him to give me a million and one reasons of why it wouldn’t work, how expensive it would be, that the kids don’t understand English and any other excuses he could come up with.  But nope, he said nothing and that was a sign that he was thinking.

When we got home, he still said nothing and I wasn’t sure how to guage him.  So to finish the conversation I told him that if and when the time comes to go to France at least the door is open, we have an invitation and a reason to go.  My husband looked at me and nodded…my heart leapt for joy, yay!!!! we are going to France!!!.

My husband and I haven’t set a goal yet to get things ready.  I have to fill in the paperwork for all out passports, gather money together for the restaurants and gifts and museums and all the tra-la-la that goes with vacation planning.  Since we are not in the league of the rich people and can not just wake up in the morning and hop on a plane within 48 hours, (you know what I mean) we need to do the planning and the savings part first.

In the mean time I’m keeping in touch with Jess.  I’m so thrilled to be working towards a great goal and to have met a wonderful lady whom I consider a friend and I can’t wait to see her again.  So as I continue on this path, I will post a blog now and then about my progress and hope that everyone will enjoy reading it.  This is one adventure that thrills me.


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