Ann’s Cuisine: Easy No Bake 5 minute 3 ingredient cake

This is so easy and quick to do, that I had to call it easy no bake 5 minute 3 ingredient cake.  I don’t remember where I came across this dessert, but this is seriously a delicious cake. Once you make it, be prepared to make big batches, or be prepared to make it often.
When you are in a hurry and need something to knock their socks off, use this as your secret weapon.  All it takes is 3 ingredients and a few minutes. To truly appreciate the taste, this cake needs to be chilled for a few hours so that the wafers soften a bit.  To let the wafers soften, try to make it before going to bed or early in the morning to be ready for after supper.

Chocolate pudding

Ingredients needed:

Honey Graham Wafers
chocolate pudding, or your favorite pudding
whipped cream

Choose the size of your cake pan or any bake ware. You can use a lasagna dish or any deep dish too. Make sure to have room in your fridge to chill the cake.

Layering the wafers Adding one layer of chocolate pudding Adding a layer of whipped cram

Start layering the wafers on the bottom of the bakeware. Add a layer of pudding and then add a layer of whipped cream.
Second layer of wafer cookies Layering more whipped cream
Add more wafers, another layer of pudding, and another layer of whipped cream. Continue until your pan is filled to the top.

Note: If your dish is really deep, make sure the layers of pudding and whipped cream are thin. You will still be getting a good dose of cake when you cut it up later.  You can experiment with different puddings like vanilla or butterscotch.  In my opinion I am just hooked on this chocolate verison and I can’t make myself try the other versions.

Finsihed product ready to eat